Simple Origami Craft to Beautify Your House’s Decoration

Most of the people know about the origami craft. This handmade craft originally came from Japan. Usually, people will be taught to make origami since they were in kindergarten. The interesting thing is that it has various designs.

Origami is usually made from the paper. You can use one paper color or combines it with other colors. The bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green will make origami are more interesting to look. Origami is a smart way to teach your kids too.

They will be more creative. In addition, they can learn about patience. However, an origami craft can have another function. It can be an amazingly simple and affordable decoration for your house. This craft is also easy to make. Create some origami items and place them at home.

Origami Can Be Made Easily from the Papers

Actually, you can use any papers to make an origami. However, people usually will use square paper to make it. It can be made into several shapes and designs. The papers used are usually plain ones without any patterns in it.

Some shapes that you can make are like flowers, animals, or other forms. Since it uses the colored paper, you don’t need for coloring this origami craft. However, it is also fine if you want to add some colors or lines in that origami.

papers to make an origami
papers to make an origami

An example is if you make an animal shape. You may need to draw the ear, nose, fur, eyes, or anything else. It will make your origami art is looked real and cuter than before. You can find a lot of references about origami on the internet.

You don’t Always Need the Scissors and Glue

One of the unique things about origami is that it’s making process. Usually, you don’t even need a scissor and glue. All your need is your skill ability in folding the paper as detailed as possible. You will feel so proud if it can be made properly.

However, sometimes you will still need the glue and scissor in making this origami craft. Those tools will make origami is neat, strong, and smooth. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to create the tulip origami artwork as a decoration.

origami craft
origami craft

The other idea is by making a star. This beautiful sky object will beautify your room. To make it is more beautiful, you can make a lot of star origami objects. It is also a great idea to make it is from various different colors.

This History of Origami Art

Origami was first known in Japan in 1797. All of that was recorded in the oldest book written by Hiden Senbazuru Orikata about origami craft. In Japan, the technique of making origami attracts many people. Every year there are regular origami contests that gather masters in Japan.

Until now, the biggest crane-shaped origami record has been printed with a size of 65×36 meters. While the smallest origami is made of paper measuring 0.25x 0.25mm. Origami is not only an ordinary work of art. Origami craft has become a therapy for the people there.