Various Kinds of Papercraft and Its Function

Various Kinds of Papercraft and Its Function

Various Kinds of Papercraft and Its Function. Knowing the kinds of papercraft is so interesting. Papercraft is the art of making an object from paper-based material, by cutting, folding, and sticking patterns that have been designed so that they can be the shape we want. However, it is still a great craft.

Papercraft is arguably the development of Origami. However, usually, the objects produced by Papercraft are more resemble the original form compared to Origami. Examples are the objects of people, houses, cars, motorcycles, animals, etc. Papercraft can be divided into 3 categories.

The first is the Paper model. It has almost the same form like the original object. Besides that, there are still some other kinds of papercraft that you need to know. Below are the descriptions.

Various Kinds of
kinds of papercraft

The Pepakura and Replica Paper Craft

One of the Paper Craft categories is known as Pepakura. This type of papercraft is much related to Japanese anime and manga. Papercraft of this type is an avatar of someone.

The similarity with the model (person/figure) is very important. In addition, there are several other types of papercraft that you should know about. One of the most famous kinds of papercraft is also called replica paper.

This type of papercraft does not require a long time to assemble because most paper toy patterns are indeed very simple. To make a paper toy, you only need 1-3 pages. Most paper toy patterns are box-shaped and their construction is not as difficult as other patterns.

The target of this paper art is young children. Its appeal lies in its color because the shape is not too detailed. Paper toys are easy to assemble and only need minutes.

Various Kinds of

The Automatic and Transformable Paper Craft

The end result is almost similar to the original object. However, the level of difficulty is among the highest. You can make building patterns, vehicles, robots, and musical instruments. It will be more difficult if you make a paper life-size replica (the same size as the actual object).

The automatic papercraft is so different. One of these kinds of papercraft can move. To make this pattern, you must be more careful.

Various Kinds of
Transformable Paper Craft

Even though it’s blank, you can change it with your own creativity. If you want something which is challenging, then try to make the Transformable Papercraft.

It has the rarest pattern and very difficult to find on the internet. Unlike the automatic papercraft, you can move and transformable papercraft from one form to another (for example, a car becomes a robot). It is maybe one of the kinds of papercraft with the highest challenge.